Why did Gujarat’s ‘sensitive’ CM resign?

Why did Gujarat’s ‘sensitive’ CM resign?: The state’s CM Rupani has resigned abruptly. Asked why he had resigned, Vijay Rupani said he had the opportunity to contribute to Gujarat’s development journey. “I thank PM Modi for giving me the responsibility,” he said.

Gujarat Chief Minister Vijay Rupani has finally resigned. Rumors have been circulating for a long time that Gujarat’s politics will take shape. Which has fallen into disrepair today. There are 4 main issues behind Rupani’s resignation. In particular, there have been differences with the organization, ranging from government operations to the Corona period. As it is difficult for the BJP to win even 100 seats in the 2022 elections due to anti-incumbency in Gujarat, Rupani will resign and enter the fray with a target of 150 with a new face.

Why did Gujarat’s ‘sensitive’ CM resign?

While resigning, Vijay Rupani read out a written statement saying that BJP gave me a big responsibility as the Chief Minister of Gujarat. During my tenure, I continued to receive special guidance from Prime Minister Narendra Modi, fulfilling this responsibility well. Under the guidance of PM Modi, Gujarat has made great strides in development.

Bhupendra Yadav was also present at Vijay Rupani’s press conference. He said, “I believe that this development journey of Gujarat should move forward with new enthusiasm and new energy under the guidance of the Prime Minister.” With this in mind, I have resigned from the post of CM of Gujarat.

While resigning, Vijay Rupani said that being an organization and an ideological party, it is the tradition of the Indian party that the responsibilities of the workers change with time. This is the specialty of our party that, the responsibility given by the party, the party workers work wholeheartedly. After fulfilling his responsibilities as the Chief Minister, May has now resigned from the post of Chief Minister and has expressed his desire to work with new energy in the party organization. I will now work under the leadership of the Prime Minister and the National President with full responsibility for the responsibilities that I will get from the party.

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